Brought to you by NERA (National Energy Resources Australia) – Australia’s Industry Growth Centre for energy resources, The Energy Innovators Podcast is all about connecting you with some of the world-leading innovators who are working to bring you a brighter energy future.

Our energy landscape is changing rapidly, meaning it’s never been more important to develop a deep knowledge about how energy affects our daily lives. We know that an understanding of energy issues is critical to making informed decisions at household, community, industry and government levels, which means conversations about energy should be had just as much around the dining room table as the boardroom table.

In this podcast series, we’ll introduce you to the men and women who are leading these conversations both here in Australia and across the globe. In each episode of The Energy Innovators Podcast, you’ll meet the voices of those tech pioneers, disruptors and visionaries who are helping to lead the projects, ideas and actions that are making sector-wide transformational change happen.

Together they form part of NERA’s energy innovation ecosystem that is bringing industry, business, governments and innovators together to think differently about collaboration and innovation to deliver a prosperous energy future for us all.

We hope you enjoy discovering their stories and learning more about NERA’s country-wide activities support and promote these innovators and, in doing so, reflect our sector’s ambitions to deliver clean energy resources to Australia and the world and helps us achieve our vision of Australia as a global energy powerhouse, a sought-after destination for investment and a leading source of knowledge and solutions.

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About NERA

NERA’s vision is Australia as a global energy powerhouse, a sought-after destination for investment and the leading source of knowledge and solutions.

As the industry-led research and knowledge organisation for Australia’s energy resources industries, NERA is the go-to centre for energy resources solutions, technologies and services, and is uniquely positioned to support sector-wide transformation and unlock +$10 billion of new value for the Australian economy.

Since its inception in 2016, NERA has worked to maximise the value to the Australian economy by developing an energy resources sector that is globally competitive, sustainable, innovative and diverse.

NERA is engaged across the value chain to achieve significant industry efficiencies; identify and support digital, automation and other innovative technologies; develop future workforce skills; and ensure that there are regulatory frameworks that support future investment, innovation, productivity and global trade.

For more information about NERA’s sector-wide initiatives, visit our website here.