The energy innovators podcast and is a series of interviews with the people behind some of the new ideas and innovations that have the potential to transform our energy landscape in coming years.

Our guests are drawn from large and small companies, universities, research and many other fields. They are young and not so young, new entrants to the sector and old hands, working with software and hardware and at all different stages of commercialising their ideas.

Our energy landscape is changing by the day. We are seeing technologies with the potential to radically transform how we develop, store and consume energy emerging almost daily, we hope to capture some of the thoughts and experiences of the people behind these ideas in these podcasts and are really excited at the prospect of sharing the conversations.

The energy innovator podcast is brought to you by NERA (National Energy Resources Australia). We are a private not for profit organisation working with the Australian energy resources sector to help to commercialise research, grow exports, identify and build future work skills and improve the regulatory environment. All of which contribute to a stronger and more resilient energy resources sector.

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