Adriana Botto – Subsea equipment reliability


In this episode we talk with Adriana Botto of Wood about her work with the Subsea Equipment Australia Reliability (SEAR) and Transforming Australian Subsea Equipment Reliability (TASER) JIP’s and how the work they are undertaking is helping to improve the reliability of Subsea equipment in Australian waters.

The TASER JIP is deploying four test racks on the seabed in Western Australian waters to undertake in situ tests to better understand how marine growth occurs on different materials and technologies. Once the findings are analysed there is the potential for industry to change their design approach and materials selection to ensure future subsea equipment of all kinds is more suitable to the challenging warm water environment inn which it operates.

The SEAR JIP can be found online here where you can learn about their various projects and technologies including the TASER JIP which is here.

Adriana is on LinkedIn here.

You can find out more about NERA (National Energy Resources Australia) here.

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