Cape – Online Separator Sand Management


This episode features a discussion with Lee Thompson and John Trent of Cape. Cape (known as Cape in Australia and as Altrad internationally) are a maintenance services provider to the resources sector with some very innovative technologies. The conversation focussed on two new pieces of technology that Cape are introducing to the Australian market: one is for removing accumulated sand from process separators while the separator is still on line, and the other is for cleaning the inside of caissons.

John and Lee describe how the technology works, the value it is unlocking for their customers in terms of reduced downtime, improved maintenance and, most particularly, improvements in personnel safety. They also shared some of the challenges of introducing into the Australian market technology that is proven in other regions.

Cape can be found here, and a brochure for the online sand removal equipment here.

John can be found on LinkedIn here, and Lee can be found here.

You can find out more about NERA (National Energy Resources Australia) here.

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