Creating connections for collaboration and business growth


Driving business by getting in front of new connections is vitally important for today’s small- to medium-sized businesses. In this episode, we speak to some of Australia’s innovators about the difficulties they have faced when trying to forge these connections, and the opportunities that can present themselves through a mutual desire for collaboration.

From the official launch of NERA’s GeneratER open innovation challenge program in June 2021, we hear Tim McCarthy from Chevron Australia’s announcement of the first three GeneratER challenges provided by Chevron, and Dave Sharp from EcoQuip’s business growth story and the lessons he learned along the way.

From the exhibition floor at the APPEA 2021 conference, we hear from two hydrogen innovators who joined us at the NERA Hydrogen Technology Zone — Matthew Hingerty from Star Scientific, and Mark Rheinlander from Carbon280 — and share their insights into the challenges of bringing new technology into an emerging industry, and the value of having the opportunity to showcase their talent and capability to potential clients at conferences such as APPEA. 

Finally, we hear from then GM Decommissioning Andrew Taylor, who shares how the National Decommissioning Research Initiative (NDRI) and the Centre of Decommissioning Australia (CODA), both underpinned by collaboration, deliver independent information to support key decommissioning decisions for the future. We also hear a snippet from the grandly titled ‘Godfather of Decommissioning’, Dr Milton Love, who provided the keynote presentation at the NDRI Science Symposium held in June 2021.

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