Vegard and Helene Frihammer — global new energy explorers


In this episode we catch up with Vegard and Helene Frihammer, who are travelling around the world to explore new, green energy initiatives in the different countries they are visiting. They set off from Norway several months ago, and share in this interview the different experiences they’ve along the journey so far, as well as describe what is happening in Norway.

Vegard works with a company called Greenstat, who have the ambition to establish a global network of companies pursuing renewable energy solutions. Helene leads an organisation called Climapartners, who are developing a network of organisations working to reduce climate emissions and develop green business opportunities.

This discussion was quite different to most of the others on the podcast, but it was fascinating to hear how the energy and emissions landscape is changing in Norway.

Vegard is on LinkedIn here and Helene on LinkedIn is here.

You can find out more about NERA (National Energy Resources Australia) here.

The Energy Innovators Podcast website is located here.

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2 comments on “Vegard and Helene Frihammer — global new energy explorers

  1. You should have a talk to Jon Andre Løkke, CEO of NEL (Hydrogen company).

    They have contracts also in your part of the world, see URL 🙂

    This would make a good follow up related to this podcast. They focus on green hydrogen as the future energy carrier.

    NEL cooperate with Nikola and if they succeed it could make an impact worldwide in terms of transportation of goods on land, fueled by hydrogen.

    • Francis Apr 25, 2019

      Thank you for the suggestion Karl Petter, I know the ATCO folks here in Australia who are using their technology, I will definitely try to get one or both of them on in future episodes.

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