Matt Allen of SubCon – Innovative marine concrete applications


In this episode we talk with Matt Allen, CEO of SubCon, about the growth of his company from its establishment to becoming one of the world’s leading businesses working in marine concrete and the design and construction of artificial reefs. We also discuss the challenges of working in an industry with major swings in confidence and the impact of the large swings in the oil price in the past decade.

SubCon specialise in the design and installation of many kinds of marine engineering, including stabilisation, anti scour and the engineering design and development of artificial reefs. They work with the oil and gas industry, government and infrastructure clients to design and install their products and have established offices in a number of different global centres.

SubCon can be found here, where you can learn about their various projects and technologies. Matt himself is on LinkedIn here.

The video of the deployment of the reef we discussed in the interview can be found here.

You can find out more about NERA (National Energy Resources Australia) here.

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