Mike Mansell of IAS group – Innovative asset preservation technology


In this episode we talk with Mike Mansell, CEO of iasgroup, about developing and bringing to market innovative plant preservation technology and technology for performing subsea cutting using abrasive fluids composite wrapping technology to give installed pipework an extended life. We also discuss the challenges of access to capital to grow a new business.

iasgroup specialise in providing facility life extension and preservation technologies and services, both developed and built in-house and through strategic international partnerships. They work with both the oil and gas industry and infrastructure clients to design and install their products and to offer innovative abrasive slurry cutting technology that could revolutionise offshore equipment decommissioning activities.

iasgroup can be found here, where you can learn about their various projects and technologies. Mike himself is on LinkedIn here.

You can find out more about NERA (National Energy Resources Australia) here.

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