Professor Peta Ashworth – Energy Literacy


In this episode NERA CEO Miranda Taylor talks with Professor Peta Ashworth of the University of Queensland about her recently completed initial research into energy literacy. Peta is highly regarded for her expertise in the energy field and for her communication and stakeholder engagement. She has been researching public attitudes to climate and energy technologies for the past ten years.

Peta’s report into energy literacy — Building Australia’s Energy Literacy — firstly attempts to develop a definition of what energy literacy really is, and how the term is perceived in the community. Following the release of the report, Peta is aiming to hold a workshop to which interested parties from across Australia will be invited to discuss the report and determine next steps.

You can find out more about Peta and her work here.

The Building Australia’s Energy Literacy report can be accessed here.

More information on NERA (National Energy Resources Australia) can be found here.

The Energy Innovators Podcast website can be found here.

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