Creating connections for collaboration and business growth

Driving business by getting in front of new connections is vitally important for today’s small- to medium-sized businesses. In this episode, we speak to some of Australia’s innovators about the difficulties they have faced when trying to forge these connections, and the opportunities that can present themselves through a mutual desire for collaboration.

Capturing the excitement of AOG Energy 2021

In this episode, recorded at the 2021 AOG Energy conference, we hear about the new Centre of Decommissioning Australia (CODA), the recently announced Australian hydrogen technology cluster network, and we hear from some new engineers getting ready to enter the workforce about their experiences visiting the conference.

Meeting the energy sector’s future skills needs

This episode explores how the skills and training needs of the energy resources sector of the future compares to today and indeed the past. We speak to some industry leaders to hear what they are doing to prepare the future workforce to meet these needs.

Matthew Warren — Blackout: how is energy-rich Australia running out of electricity?

NERA CEO Miranda Taylor talks with Matthew Warren, the author of the recently released book, ‘Blackout: how is energy-rich Australia running out of electricity?’

In their discussion they cover the history of Australia’s energy and electricity systems, the ways in which the electricity network has grown and how some of the recent changes to the network are leading to instability and the blackouts that form the title of the book.

Dr Liz Dallimore — WA Data Science Innovation Hub

In this episode we talk with Dr Liz Dallimore the director of the recently established Western Australian Data Science Innovation Hub. The hub was established to coordinate data science initiatives and activities across the broader Western Australian economy.

Mariano Ianuzzi — Corrosion research and management

In this episode we talk with Professor Mariano Ianuzzi, the director of the Curtin Corrosion Center and Chevron and Woodside chair in corrosion.
We discuss the forms corrosion take and the challenges it presents to all industries, along with the center’s work undertaking industry led research into the prevention and management of corrosion.

Professor Peta Ashworth – Energy Literacy

In this episode NERA CEO Miranda Taylor talks with Professor Peta Ashworth of the University of Queensland about Peta’s recently completed initial research into energy literacy. Peta is highly regarded for her expertise in the energy field, communication and stakeholder engagement and has been researching public attitudes to climate and energy technologies for the past ten years.

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