Cape – Online Separator Sand Management

This episode features a discussion with Lee Thompson and John Trent of Cape. Cape as they are still known in Australia or Altrad more internationally are a maintenance services provider to the resources sector with some very innovative technologies. The conversation focused on two new pieces of technology Cape are introducing to the Australian market, one for removing accumulated sand from process separators while the separator is still on line, the other for cleaning the inside of caissons.

FB Rice – Protecting IP and managing patents

This episode features a discussion with Mary Turonek and Carol Kane of FB Rice. Mary and Carol are patent attorneys with FB Rice where they advise clients on the management and protection of the various forms of intellectual property they produce in the development of new technology and more broadly in running their business.

XDR – Next generation workover rigs

This episode features a discussion with Ross Hutton and Andrew Heseltine of XDR. XDR are a workover rig manufacturer developing the next generation of technology to make these machines safer and more efficient. The conversation centered around how they are developing the technology, what differentiates it from previous generations of equipment and how they managed to secure their initial contracts.

Vegard and Helene Frihammer — global new energy explorers

In this episode I caught up with Vegard and Helene Frihammer who are traveling around the world exploring new, green energy activity in the different countries they are visiting. They set off from Norway several months ago and shared with me the different experiences they have had along the journey so far ,as well as describing what is happening in Norway.

Adriana Botto – Subsea equipment reliability

In this episode we talk with Adriana Botto of Wood about her work with the Subsea Equipment Australia Reliability (SEAR) and Transforming Australian Subsea Equipment Reliability (TASER) JIP’s and how the work they are undertaking is helping to improve the reliability of Subsea equipment in Australian waters.

Erica Smyth – Career reflections

In this episode we talk with Erica Smyth AC about her career in the resources sector, a career that has taken her from a geologist for BHP through being the first female to undertake a masters geology at McGill University in Canada before returning to Australia. Her career then progressed through various roles at BHP and Woodside after which she became a professional company director.

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