Erica Smyth – Career reflections

In this episode we talk with Erica Smyth AC about her career in the resources sector, a career that has taken her from a geologist for BHP through being the first female to undertake a masters geology at McGill University in Canada before returning to Australia. Her career then progressed through various roles at BHP and Woodside after which she became a professional company director.

Subsea Innovation Cluster Australia (SICA)

This episode is a conversation with Ross Waring and Ray Farrier, the Chair and cluster manager of Subsea Innovation Cluster Australia (SICA), about the role SICA is playing in supporting the growth of the Australian subsea industry and how they are helping local businesses offer improved services to the oil and gas operators.

Matt Allen of SubCon – Innovative marine concrete applications

In this episode we talk with Matt Allen, CEO of SubCon, about the growth of his company from its establishment to becoming one of the world’s leading businesses working in marine concrete and the design and construction of artificial reefs. We also discuss the challenges of working in an industry with major swings in confidence and the impact of the large swings in the oil price in the past decade.

Erik Nijveld of Deployment Matters – Introducing new technology

In this episode we talk with Erik Niveld of Deployment Matters about the challenges of introducing new technology to the oil and gas industry. Through Deployment Matters Erik specialises in helping companies better understand how to position their technology so that customers can have confidence in its capabilities and, similarly, works with the end users to help them to maximise the new technologies they may deploy.

Modulr Tech’s founders – hackathons and start-up life

A conversation with the three founders of Modulr Tech, a start up bringing data solutions to the resources sector where we talk about their journey from meeting at a hackathon, founding their company and finding their niche. They are a young and passionate company with a lot of energy and ideas, with their energy spilling over in the interview.

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